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ILAC and CopyrightX
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Learn about Copyright. Explore the current law of copyright, the impact of that law on art, entertainment, and industry.

Copyright X is a course under the auspices of Harvard Law School. It is brought to Bulgaria by ILAC, the official Harvard affiliate for the course in Bulgaria.

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CopyrightX is a twelve-week networked course that has been offered annually since 2013 under the auspices of Harvard Law School, the HarvardXdistance-learning initiative, and the Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society.


CopyrightX explores the current law of copyright.


Meet people interested in the same topics with the same interests.


Gain knowledge that few have. Copyright is constantly evolving, be one step ahead.

Modern Copyright

Copyright in the Digital age. New proposals and many more.


Learn, the best way for, how to protect your ideas.

US copyright

Learn more about the possibilities of the US copyright. Learn with a US lawyer.

Case law

Get to know US case law and jurisprudence. Interesting cases and much more.


Interactive way of learning. Participate in games between your course mates.

Become an expert

CopyrightX lectures more closely resemble the kinds of case studies used in business schools than the cases typically employed in law schools. At the end of the course, the students take a reasonably traditional written examination designed to test their knowledge of copyright law and theory.

Learn by Doing

Be a participant, not just a witness.

Through a combination of recorded lectures, assigned readings, weekly seminars, live interactive webcasts, and online discussions, participants in the course examine and assess the ways in which the copyright system seeks to stimulate and regulate creative expression.

Who is this for ?

It’s not only for lawyers!

The course is open for anyone. Most are not lawyers but rather are engaged in fields affected by copyright law: music; film; photography; graphic art; journalism; software; library science; and so forth. Some of the people are students.

Achieve your goals

Receive a Certificate from Harvard Law School

Through an agreement between Harvard and ILAC, the Bulgarian version of CopyrightX will be complemented with live and online classes and materials produced by teachers linked to ILAC. At the end of the course the students will have the opportunity to take the exam of Harvard Law School and get a certificate from Harvard if approved. CopyrightX: ILAC is going to emphasis on United States copyright law but there will be a substantial discussion of international treaties, conventions, EU and Bulgarian legislation.


Here you can find some answers for commonly asked questions

You can contact us for more information regarding issues not available here.

How much does it cost

Please contact us for more information about prices and fees. You may be eligible for discount.

Can I bring my laptop?

Yes, we strongly encourage you to do so.

Can I record the course?

No. The course is going to be recorded by us. After the end of the course you should be able to get the recording by paying a small fee.

Is the course about Bulgarian copyright law?

No. The course is going to be about USA and EU copyright law, but some of the lecturers have huge experience with Bulgarian copyright.

Where ?

The course is going to take place in the beginning of 2018 at the University of National and World Economy. (More TBD)

What is the difference between the online course and the affiliate one ?

Both the  CopyrightX affiliate course offered by ILAC for Bulgaria  and the CopyrightX online course  are based on the lectures of Professor William Fisher III.
The main difference is that  the affiliated  course  is  giving  you the opportunity  to be present at the  course sessions in Sofia, Bulgaria during which you  will have Live  discussions on all the materials  with  our  main lecturer Bruce Whitfield as well as  with  some of the best  copyright specialist in  Bulgaria and foreign  experts coming as guest lecturers especially  for the  course. The networking opportunities  given  by the course  are  also an advantage.

Free Course

If you are a student or part form a dedicated law organisation you can be eligible for a discount or a free participation in the course.


For additional information don’t hesitate to contact us, we will get in touch as fast as we can.  A team of highly trained monkeys has been dispatched so we can address your question.

Ready to get started?

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The Course

Some information about the course.

  • The Bulgarian CopyrightX course one real-time session per week over twelve weeks led by Bruce Whitfield or one of the visiting professors.
  • Three to seven online lectures per week prepared by Professor William Fisher.
  • Additional readings.
  • Preparation to discuss special problems.
  • Discussion forum participation.

More of the course

  • Special events: interviews and a panel discussion.
  • Special events hosted by Harvard which will be webcast live at the Harvard CopyrightX webpage. (scheduled by Harvard).
  • Takes between three and ten hours per week for preparation.
  • Through an agreement between Harvard and ILAC, the Bulgarian version of CopyrightX will be complemented with live and online classes and materials produced by teachers linked to ILAC.
  •  At the end of the course the students will have the opportunity to take the exam of Harvard Law School and get a certificate from Harvard if approved.
  • The Bulgarian CopyrightX course is respecting the official CopyrightX syllabus which is modified by our professors in order to reflect the European and the Bulgarian copyright legislation.
  • Discussion of international treaties, conventions, EU and Bulgarian legislation.


Internationally the CopyrightX community continues to grow. The map set forth below indicates (in blue) the countries from which students have taken the online course and (in red) the countries in which the affiliated courses have been or are currently based.

Bulgaria has joined this community at 2017 with our first students successfully graduating and obtaining CopyrightX Harvard Certificate. The formate of the course is not the classical university course and if you are going to take part in it, you should know that you will be expected not  only to read and listen to lectures but also to think, actively participate to discussions and suggest solutions to sometimes unsolvable problems. But at the end you are  going to leave the class room enriched not only with knowledge but also with great friends and many new professional contacts.

Our 2017 Instructors

List of guest lecturers

the teacher of the course is a university faculty member or someone who knows a great deal about the copyright system, in our case this is our key Professor

Bruce Whitfield

CopyrightX: ILAC Key Professor

Erin Simon

Product counsel, Google

What People Are Saying

„Being part of the CopyrightX course has been an amazing experience for me. The material is taught by some of the most experienced professionals in the field. CopyrightX is a great opportunity to learn the various aspects of Copyright and IP law in general. The course is very well organized and informative. It is safe to say it serves its purpose. Thank you for the opportunity and experience!“



Angelina Boneva, Student

As a person who will graduate from law school in a couple of months I found the CopyrightX course fairly suitable for my future as an attorney in the field of Intellectual property. Although there are quite a lot similarities in the legal frameworks of both countries, as a young adult who will develop his future career in an international environment I sincerely appreciated the comparison between the treatment of copyrightable works in Bulgaria and in The United States. As for the other participants I got myself introduced to, I found not only my future colleagues, but friendships which are clearly about to evolve through time.


Sofia Nenkova, Student

„The course Copyright, organized by ILAC’s professional team was a real challenge, because the copyright matter was something new for me. I had some hesitation before joining into this course, but after a meeting with the ILAC’s team I was motivated to start my education in copyright matter. The course itself provides theoretical knowledge and then the course gives the opportunity to apply this knowledge in various interesting cases. The highly educated lecturers shared their big experience and teach us how to think as experts. Begging this course I made my first steps in copyright matters and now I am changing my job orientation because of it.


Elitsa Alexandrova

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