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ILAC Privacy would be very pleased to be able to be your representative for the EU 27 member states Data Protection Authorities. We would propose to fulfil the following duties in accordance with Article 27


Our Services

1. Act as full representative for the company in any query or complaint for from a supervisory authority within the EU.
2. Liaise with the companies Data Protection Officer in regard to any query or challenge from Data Subjects (Consumers) in relation to data processing that is occurring outside of the EU.
3. Convey any ‘Individual Rights’ requests received from Consumers under Articles 12-23 to the Company, ensuring the requests are processed within the permitted 30 days.
4. Assist the company in effectively maintaining the Article 30 Register of Data Processing activities,
including those of the Controllers data processors.
5. Assist with the concept of Privacy-by-Design in the development of services for the European markets, ensuring key data transparency and associated rights are available for Consumers and to mitigate any regulatory risk from Data Protection Supervisory Authorities.
6. Maintain relationship with your Data Protection Officer with weekly meeting and immediate support for urgent requests.


Our Mission

Helping you manage the EU relationship. 

Revision of policies

– Privacy policies and Procedures of a company
– Privacy policy for the company website
– Cookies policy for the website
– Internal privacy regulations for the employees
– Internal policy regulations for the clients
– Internal policy regulations for special categories under Art.9 of GDPR (financial statements

Revision/ Creation of the obligatory Registers under Art. 30 of GDPR

According to the GDPR each technology used should have passed an Impact Assessment. We
are going to provide this for you for up to 10 different applications/platforms/software products

Choose a Plan that Works for You

Our pricing is based upon your organization's global number of employees according to official Eurostat categories and includes part-time workers and freelancers and upon the number of data subjects processed:


About ILAC

About ILAC group:
ILAC group is an international group of companies specialized in digital legal consultancy
and compliance services. It consists of ILAC Law office, managed by Ginka Hristova, Harvard
affiliate for CopyrightX course in Bulgaria, ILAC Education, NGO specialized in adult education
managed by Bruce Withfield, ILAC CyberSecurity, managed by Slavi Tankein and
LegalWorld.bg a leading legal online media in Bulgaria, and of course ILAC Privacy.
ILAC Privacy is a leading professional services company providing discreet data protection
advice and consultation for businesses allowing them to meet their compliance requirements
with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and related legislation. and would be
pleased to support the needs of your company as its EU Data Protection Representative.
ILAC Privacy is providing privacy consultancy services for public authorities and private
entities. ILAC Privacy is external DPO of the Ministry of Justice, Medical Audit Agency,
numerous financial sector compa-nies and major players in the medical services, retail industry
and e-commerce. During our years of work, we have been continuously partnering with
internationally recognized companies and organizations such as Google, Harvard university,
Stanford university.
ILAC Privacy is itself an organizer of numerous expert events in the privacy field. One of the
most recent ones is the international CYBER POLICY Forum which took place in Sofia, Bulgaria
in 2019 under the patronage of Maria Gabriel, the Single Digital Market EU Commissioner and
the Vice prime minister of Bulgaria.
Having ILAC Privacy as your designated EU/EEA Representative, you can benefit from the
legal services provided by our lawyers, authorized to represent clients in lawsuits before all
the EU countries jurisdictions. Our legal team is the only one who has been participating in all
landmark lawsuits regarding the Data protection in Bulgaria, with 100% success rate.


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In an unpredictable world, you need a trusted partner who understands your business. ILAC has the legal  and digital experience, industry knowledge and spirit of collaboration to help you navigate uncertainty and seize opportunities.

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