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About us

ILAC group/ ILAC network is a dynamic collective of NGOs, as well as experts , advocates and academics working in the field of privacy, cybersecurity, fintech, adult education, Intellectual property, business law, civil rights, digital freedoms, free speech in the digital age. Together we defend rights and freedoms in the digital environment and help individuals and business find their way through the labyrinth of the digital legislation.

In an unpredictable world, you need a trusted partner who understands your business. ILAC has the legal  and digital experience, industry knowledge and spirit of collaboration to help you navigate uncertainty and seize opportunities.

We are here to better our understanding of the surrounding world through all legal means that are available.

– Ginka Hristova – president

Media and NGO

Leading in the field of media and non-government organizations in Bulgaria, part of ILAC are Legalworld.bg and ХИКС.


We are providing people with specialized knowledge in specific areas of interest, including Mediation, Data protection, Copyright, Cyberlaw… learn more here.


Interactive Conservative Movement, which acts as an umbrella for a variety of conservative NGOs and prominent individuals in Bulgaria and Europe

Our leading partner is DPA.BG

DPA.BG is a leading professional services company providing data protection advice and consultation for businesses allowing them to meet their compliance requirements with the GDPR and related legislation

Legal Consultancy

Our leading partner is Hristov & Todorova Law office

Arbitration at ILAC

ILAC Arbitration was created to provide a Complete Dispute Resolution platform, that is easy and quick.

Fintech, Crypto and Blockchain

ILAC assists financial institutions, technology industry giants, and startups on the development, protection, distribution, and implementation of technology in every jurisdiction across the planet. ILAC has a cross-disciplinary and global team to serve the full spectrum of the fintech ecosystem on any aspect of a fintech matter; whether it be the regulatory implications of establishing a new cryptoasset, adopting a new technology or system, or the considerations of investing in, or acquiring, a fintech company.

ILAC’s collective expertise ensures clients receive pragmatic and commercial advice to develop data-driven, scalable, secure, and compliant fintech solutions. Learn more


Our Mission Is to Build the Foundation of a free and Secure Future

ILAC is committed to helping people, government and private organizations achieve their public or business strategies and provide outstanding legal and digital help around the world. People depend on ILAC to find innovative solutions to complex  issues, and ILAC’s team leverage and the NGO’s global reach to help people handle these challenges.



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