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Learn about Copyright. Explore the current law of copyright, the impact of that law on art, entertainment, and industry. Copyright X is a course under the auspices of Harvard Law School. It is brought to Bulgaria and other countries by ILAC, an official Harvard affiliate for the course.
We are continuing our success for a 7th year in a row. Hundreds of people have trusted us to elevate the knowledge they have and we delivered.

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Hybrid form both online and in person.
The sessions in person will be hosted by True Digital Academy at: 101 ถนน สุขุมวิท 101/1 Bang Chak, Phra Khanong, Bangkok 10260, Thailand

Type of the course: Hybrid, 12 sessions online and in person
Duration of the course is 12 sessions 8 online 4 on the spot.

18th through 21st of April 2023 – 4 sessions in person
25th and 27th of April 2023 – 2 sessions online
02 and 05th of May – 2 sessions online
09th and 11th of May – 2 sessions online
16th and 18th of May – 2 sessions online

The enrollment fee of the course:

Early Bird registration till 05th of April 2023 – 350 USD and regular fee of 1000 USD.

Payment of the fee at:

IBAN: BG16UNCR70001522880770
Beneficiary: International Legal Advice Center – ILAC

Check out the SYLLABUS

The Foundations of Copyright Law
1. Introduction
The Idea/Expression Distinction
Overview of The System of Multilateral Treaties

  1. Basis of Copyright Law- Theories


Fairness Theory

Personality Theory

Cultural Theory

Welfare Theory

Overview and Comparison of All Four

  1. The Subject Matter of Copyright

Literary Works (and software)

Dramatic Works (and choreography)


Audiovisual Works

Fictional Characters

Visual and Architectural Works
4. Copyright in the Digital Age

Copyright and NFTs

Copyright and AI

Copyright in software protection.

Licensing agreements

  1. Authorship
    Sole Authorship

Joint Authorship

Works for Hire
6. The Mechanics of Copyright

Short Session- US formalities and restrictions on formalities internationally

The System of Multilateral Treaties
7. The Rights to Reproduce and Modify

Improper Appropriation
Derivative Works
8. The Rights to Distribute, Perform, and Display
Public Performances
Exceptions and Limitations
9. Fair Use
The History of Fair Use
Fair Use Today
10. Supplements to Copyright: Secondary Liability and Para-copyright
Secondary Liability
Dual-Use Technologies
Technological Protection Measures
11. Remedies
Equitable Relief
Criminal Penalties

  1. Catch Up and RevieW

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