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We are sought out for the exceptional creativity and problem-solving ability. We will continually look for visionary solutions to our partners issues. We never give up, we originate novel approaches, we make headlines and we challenge all.

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We always have a plan. We always have a plan B.


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Featured Projects

WILMap – Stanford project

Full project

Bulgaria is already part of the The World Intermediary Liability Map (WILMap)project of Stanford UniversityThis is an amazing online resource informing the public about evolving Internet regulation affecting freedom of expression and user rights worldwide. We from ILAC, we are  honoured to be part of it and to be able, together with the ILAC team, to contribute for this page coming alive. 

Internet mediation academy

Full project – ongoing

ILAC is one of the few organisations licensed by the Bulgarian Ministry of Justice for training and licensing itself mediaters and ADR representatives. This being said we are the ONLY one specialized in Domain Name Dispute resolutions and the only one training its student for DND representation. 

Dazibao Publishing


We have helped the young musicians represented by Dazibao Publishing Inc. to better understand their rights. Because the age of the musicians, we have put many hours of work in just explaining the copyright, as part from the intellectual property. Especially about musical works and altering music, therefore infringing companies copyright by reproducing amended versions of the aforementioned works. We made strong impression, quoting and emphasizing on the liability both criminal and civil.

La Villa – Sound & Video Studio


For the sound and video studio La Villa, we have taken a different approach. The most difficult task was, explaining different ways of protecting their intellectual property, how to protect their brands, creations and designs in whole Europe, explaining Community trademarks, designs and rights. Another thing was convincing the studio of the importance of signing written agreements with both authors and producers, about ownership of the intellectual property. General point was the written contracts and the intellectual property rights which are the subject, should be detailed as precisely as possible.



Our project aims to guide the users to resources from which they could get what they are looking for without breaking the law. We also target lawyers, through the bar associations, believing they are an essential part of the effective IP protection. In case of an infringement, the victims are addressing  lawyers  searching  for legal advice and cooperation.

Safe internet for children


SAFE INTERNET FOR CHILDREN is an initiative, launched in May 2011, is a cooperative voluntary intervention designed to respond to emerging challenges arising from the diverse ways in which children go online and to provide parents with valuable information regarding the realities of online safety. It is also designed to give parents additional tools to ensure that our children are surfing the Internet safely.

Legal problems of access to IT and Communications


In this gathering we discussed with leading legal proffessionals, the accountabillity of ISP’s, online contracts, net neutrality and many more.

Seminar for Cyber crime and online security


A whole day discussion with our speakers from the Bulgarian Cybercrime Department from the General Directorate Combating Organized Crime of the Ministry of Interior and legal and security experts from ILAC.

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