We are proud to present three outstanding students with ILAC full scholarships for the first year Bulgarian CopyrightX  course. There was a rigorous competition and all the candidates  were highly  motivated and we are  just  sorry  not  being  able to  give scholarships to them all.

Here are some of the  thoughts of  our  laureates saying why they decided  to participate and what is CopyrightX for them.

Hristina Georgieva

photo - CopyrightX 2017

„My name is Hristina Georgieva. I graduated at the University of National and World Economy (UNWE) in year 2009. Since year 2015 I have been working as an attorney – at – law at „Iotov and Co” law office, where I am provided with the perfect opportunity to practice in all fields of law. What captivated my interest the most was the field of copyright and neighbouring rights (related rights), trademarks, etc. My motivation to explore further this topic of interest made me participate in a Ph.D competition and since the beginning of year 2016 I am a Ph.D student in intellectual property law at the UNWE. All my working engagements and academic interests in the field of intellectual property mentioned hereinabove motivated me to apply for the course CopyrightX 2017 which I consider as an unique opportunity for improvement and enrichment of my copyright knowledge”


Kalina Dimova


“My name is Kalina Dimova. I’m a law student in the University of World and National Economics. I’ve been studying Intellectual property last semester and I’ve found the subject quite interesting. When I found out about the scholarship I’ve decided that it is a great opportunity to learn more about copyright and how it is protected in the modern age. “






Yonko Chuklev

Yonko Chuklev_photo‘I choose to participate in the competition because CopyrightX – ILAC 2017 offers a unique opportunity to learn from world-class lecturers and practitioners in the field of Copyright. Also, I love the fact that the course is going to cover International copyright treaties and case law in the IP field as in Bulgaria few courses cover foreign legal perspectives.

For me, CopyrightX is a chance to get advanced legal, policy knowledge, sector expertise and professional contacts. I believe copyright will be an essential element of the rapidly developing technological world, which makes it an exciting and compelling subject to study.’